Sunday, April 12, 2009

What is Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabets

IN THE NAME OF I AM ALLAH- Intelligent Arkil Magnetic Allah

Ans: Supreme Mathematics are the essential element to understanding Man... Woman... and Childs relativity to the Universal Order of all things. Thus... this would mean that Supreme Mathematics is the highly developed Universal Language of Allah... for it is the only language to subsist without telling a lie or deliberate falsehood.

"The Supreme Mathematics"

1. Knowledge- meaning to know.
2. Wisdom- meaning to speak what you know and act 100% according to it.
3. Understanding- meaning to act upon any giving subject with clear comperhension.
4. Culture- meaning to socially transmit Allah and Earth behavior patterns.
5. Power- meaning the Truth.
6. Equality- meaning a mental and physical limitation.
7. Allah God- meaning Blackman of Asia.
8. Build or Destroy- meaning elevation or destruction for positive reasons.
9. Born- meaning to bring forth.
0. Cipher- meaning a person... place... or thing.

Ans: The Supreme Alphabets are the indispensable counterparts of the Supreme Mathematics... needed for transferable principles and interpretation of abstract... allegorical... and biblical words... sentences... clauses... and phases transcending to the highest order. Thus... Supreme Alphabets is the highly developed law and principles of Allah.

"The Supreme Alphabets"

A. Allah- meaning the Original Mind.
B. Be or Born- meaning to exist or to bring into existence.
C. Cee- meaning to understand things for what they are and not for what others make them out to be.
D. Divine or Destroy- meaning pure or what’s not pure one removes.
E. Equality- meaning all the human families on the planet Earth.
F. Father- meaning the sole controller of ones family.
G. God- meaning good orderly direction.
H. He or Her- meaning Man or loyality to man.
I. I- meaning I Self Lord And Mathematics or Intelligent Sisters Love Allah’s Mathematics.
J. Justice- meaning one’s reward or penality for ones ways and actions.
K. King- meaning one who sits on his throne and judge wisely.
L. Love, Hell, or Right- meaning to love the hell out of what’s right.
M. Master- meaning to have knowledge and understanding of everything you do.
N. In or Now- meaning In the name of Allah or Now is the time to unite.
O. Cipher- meaning Cee I Power Her- Her Power I Cee.
P. Power- meaning force.
Q. Queen- meaning one who knowledge God immediately.
R. Rule or Ruler- meaning righteousness or one who is righteous.
S. Self or Savior- meaning only Self can Save himself.
T. Truth or Square- meaning undisputed or Freedom... Justice... Equality... and Mathematics.
U. You or Universe- meaning as Allah... You build your own Universe.
V. Victory- meaning to defeat the devil mentality in seconds.
W. Wisdom- meaning the most beautiful flow of Supreme Mathematics.
X. Unknown- meaning a mystery
Y. Why- meaning an intelligent question asked by someone seeking an intelligent answer.
Z. Zig Zag Zig- meaning knowledge... wisdom... and understanding.

Power Equality Allah Cee Equality!!!

I AM ALLAH- Intelligent Arkil Magnetic Allah

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